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What kind of profiles are you looking for?

binternational works with international companies from these sectors:Aeronautical, Automotive, Energy, FMCG, Industrial, Packaging, Pharma & Chemical and Retail.

Thus, no matter what your profile may be, we encourage you to maximize your future opportunities by uploading your CV to our database by submitting this form.

What happens if I do not upload my CV?

To ensure the quality and hiring stability, it is important for us to have access to the most recent and the most detailed version of your CV.

In which language should I upload my CV?

You can upload it in any language you choose, but you have to take into account that companies can decide in which language they want to receive the applications. Thus, if you are applying for a position where CVs in German are required, you must upload one in that language.

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What are the advantages of binternational services?

Trusting binternational with your international job search, comes with numerous advantages. We would like to highlight two of them:

1.We will represent you before foreign companies: binternational wiil represent and accompany the candidates during all international selection processes, which ensures your application will be taken into account.

2.At binternational you will find the best national and international job opportunities.

Do I have to pay any fees?

No. binternational does not charge the candidates for the recruitment services.

What happens if I get into a recruitment process but I am not selected in the end?

At binternational we commit ourselves to always give feedback to our candidates that are taking part in a selection process, so we will inform whether if the feedback is positive or not. Nevertheless, you will remain in binternational’s database, and we will get in touch with you in the very moment that your profile matches any of our current vacancies.

If a company wants to interview me face to face, who will pay the costs?

Many hiring companies cover the travel costs to run face to face interviews. It all depends on the internal procedure of the company in question. binternational will inform the candidate on all the conditions .

What happens if I do not like the offer I receive through you?

All candidates are free to reject any opportunity without any further consequences.


Who will have access to my personal data?

When you agree to our terms and conditions, you will accept that all employees of binternational, and all companies interested in your profile, will be allowed to see your profile. All your data will be saved in our safeharbour certified servers.


Where in the world do you offer positions?

We are open to job positions all over the world. Stay tuned by checking our LinkedIn page.

What sectors will I find in your job portal?

You will be able to find positions in these sectors: Aeronautical, Automotive, Energy, Packacing, Pharma & Chemical, FMCG, Industrial and Retail.


How can I unsubscribe from your database?

If you want to register your CV in our database, please submit the following form.  If you wish to unsubscribe and clear all your data, you need to send an email to bajas@binternational.net with “UNSUBSCRIBE” as subject. There, you will have to tell us your name and surname and your email address. We will then delete all your data and send a confirmation email to the email address you provided.


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