A Welcome Handbook is a brief guide for new employees that contains useful pieces of information about the company they are joining. Its main purpose is to make their adaptation to the company easier. We all remember our first day in a new job –  whether it is our first working experience or any other after – and we know how important this was. Moreover, some people face more difficulties when it comes to adapting to a new team. The way we actually design how our future employees will be welcomed will make a significant difference among our competitors. For all the above, it is really important that the HR Managers create a useful Welcome Handbook.

Why is it a good idea to ellaborate a Welcome Handbook?

It certainly helps the future employee to get a gloval vision of the company, its field of activity and its goals. It also helps him/her to understand the functions that he/she and her/his team have to carry out, as well as to get to know the lines of report within the company. Those companies that don’t create a day-zero guide, tend to have less committed workers that aren’t lined-up with the company goals (most probably because nobody has told them).

At binternational, since we are an International Recruitment Agency, we earnestly recommend you to use it. In our case it has been a complete success: most of our colleagues had never received any similar document and they have thanked us about it. That’s the reason why we want to help you out with this implementation: download our whitepaper now with an example included.



What information should be included in a Welcome Handbook?

♦ Company description:

  • History
  • Milestones
  • Mission, vision & values
  • Company culture
  • Organizational chart
  • Phone Directory
  • Office blueprint

♦ Department description:

  • Current team and its functions
  • Functions of the position
  • Lines of report
  • Working schedule
  • Vacations
  • Other benefits

What else can we do to contribute in giving our employees a warm welcome?

We can embrace our new employee in the company together with a short welcome breakfast where all the team members introduce themselves and share their first coffee. This is a great opportunity to break the ice, and to get to know the team you will be working with in order to integrate him or her with the company. The breakfast time should not exceed half an hour, and it should be in a relaxed environment: if the activity goes way too formal, we could evoke the opposite feeling than intended.


manual de bienvenida


Furthermore, a welcome message in her/his working place together with a welcome pack, and also some corporative stationery, laptop, smartphone, and other welcome gifts, can make a great first impression of the company on the new employee and help him/her feel like home.

It is really easy to get a Welcome Handbook done. Download our guide for free and learn how to create it! 


Guía Manual Bienvenida binternational

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